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machimachi is Unique

While focusing on original, innovation and high quality, machimachi’s leading edge inventions and processes are not replicable.
Our cream cheese foam is one of the most popular picks while the bottled milk tea is the only kind among the industry.
machimachi is also the original inventor of Black Milk Tea with Crème Brulee.

The Concept

“machi” really means “much”, “I Love You So machi” has become a catchy tag around our fans. Our customers will also fall in love with our simple, clean and creative store design, every corner, each element could be a showing off to their social media.

Our Drinks

Franchise Available

Please send your franchise inquires to

machi machi's Day

1st Anniversary

machimachi's Influences

Featured in Jay Chou’s music video, visiting machimachi has also become his daily routine. It is a hot spot for many celebrities and influencers to show their activities on social media, these have been bringing huge volumes of customers daily. Taking a picture while holding a cup of milk tea inside a machinachi store is something to be proud of.

Sydney Launch

The grand opening of machimachi Sydney was taken place in late October 2019 on George Street, which had attracted a queue of over 300 meters with over 1 hour average waiting time, these would not stop our fans from grabbing a sip just like every time a new machimachi store opens. machimachi has certainly become one of the most popular milk tea brands and we are working towards the expansion through out Australia.

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Get In Touch

For general or business inquires you can message us via WeChat or Instagram.
Alternatively please fell free to leave us a message on our contact page.